Иван Владимирович (liberwill) wrote,
Иван Владимирович


Woke up this mornin' with my Crimea Blues
Watched the Attorney General's interviews
She's so young and pretty, no dirty tricks
A single mum stuck in geopolitics

Every revolution's got its sinister side
When even the President has to run and hide.
With a bounty on her head, Crimea-home bound
How much did it take for her to stand her ground.

For the memory she stood true
Of both of her granddads killed in WW2
They died like heroes, they died in vain
For the Nazi-free Kiev and for the Soviet Ukraine

The beauty will save the world - as Dostoevsky once said
When they charged her with treason, Mr Putin got mad
He pulled his troops in and pissed off the Western World
Just for one single reason - to save this brave girl.

Deny me visas, deny me aid
Freeze all my assets and kick me out of G8
You can prosecute me anyway you choose
Cause I got myself my Crimea Blues
Tags: Крым, ура!
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